Electrical Performance
Parameter Value
Article No.型号 F-75KY-20D
Frequency range频率范围 2~2150MHz
Impedance特性阻抗 75±1.5Ω
Return loss回波损耗 ≤-16dB
Withstanding Voltage耐压 1000V
Standing wave ratio电压驻波比 ≤1.3dB
Connector Type接口 F connection female connector
Standard引用标准 IEC60169-4

Mechanical Performance
Parameter Value
Waterproof degree防水等级 NO
Moisture resistance抗湿性 NO
Mating cycles插拨次数 ≥500
Outer Dimension外观尺寸 44*13mm
Environment Performance
Parameter Value
Operating temperature range工作温度 -40℃~+70℃
Storage temperature range储存温度 -30℃~+60℃
Material &Plating
Connector parts Material Plating
Center conductor中心导体 Brass Tin plating 镀锡
Outer conductor外导体 Zinc alloy 锌合金 Nickeling 镀镍
Dielectric介质 PC /
Salt Mist盐雾   100H
Weight重量   6g

Standard包装要求 2000pc/plastic bag in separate carton
Remark:Dimensions are in mm with tolerance of ±0.10

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